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"Where your dreams come true..."

Welcome to Hooves 'n Hocks ! HH is a new cyber horse game which allows
horselovers to ride, care for, show, and basically do whatever they want
with their own cyber horses! HH members get experience in owning a horse,
because they sell, breed, show and train horses, become vets, own businesses,
associations and all the time learning new equine information! So, shouldn't
you just join? :~)

July 10: HH FINALLY OPENS!!!!! The stables, businesses, tack shops, etc. are
now up and running!!!

August: Get the Ball Rolling show!!!! I thought it would be a good idea to start HH with a big show!!!!! Details on the Upcoming Events page!


Rules and Guidelines
Learn how to play the game!

Good choice!

Boarding Stables

Visit HH's stables!

Upcoming Events

Horse shows, foals about to be born, etc.!

Classified Ads
Want a new horse?

HH National Bank
The place to make transactions, deposits, etc.!

Associations and Businesses
Visit the associations and check out the businesses!

Stud Book
See all the stallions in HH!

Message Board
Chat with other members!

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